Do you know that your appearance speaks volume of your personality??

A friend of mine first class student of a Nigerian university, applied for a job and was invited for interview. 

He spent a lot of time to study the company profile he was invited too, but had no time to take care of his looks, the dress to wear for the interview etc


Wrong dress for a cooperate job interview

At the interview venue, he was denied  entrance because his appearance speaks volume of his personality. He ran to my place and told me what just happened, without wasting time I got him new set of dress and he returned back to the venue and he got his dream job

Lesson learnt

People tend to judge us more by our appearance before they listen to us

So also is our offices, schools, churches, mosques,hostels, hospitals or apartment environment. A dirty toilet or kitchen,interior or exterior look and feel of our office workspace or apartment indicate that the inhabitants are unclean. Therefore an untidy apartment is never welcoming to visitors, students or customers. However a tidy and clean environment is always welcoming and such will help increase customer foot traffic and increase income or cash flow

Indoor painting

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